Art Of Espresso

At Barista Coffee, our objective is to provide an authentic Italian coffee drinking experience in a warm, friendly, no pressure environment.

What makes our coffee 'Truly Italian' A perfect Espresso is the heart of every coffee at Barista Coffee. The espresso itself is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing very hot (but not boiling) water under high pressure through ground coffee.

We use the Italian method of creating our espresso as it is the best way to extract the flavour & aroma of coffee beans.

For us, espresso making is an art. Great care, attention & skills are employed to make the perfect brew. To make the perfect espresso we ensure the 4 M's are in place:

  • La Machine: The Machine
  • La Miscela: The Blend
  • La Macinatura : The Grinding
  • La Manualità : Your Touch

We also try and ensure consistency in the espresso delivery. There are four distinct features that make up a good espresso; the flavour, the aroma, the crema and the texture.At Barista Coffee we follow rigorous training process to ensure the passion of espresso making is deep rooted among all brew masters. Each Barista is certified in the art of coffee making to ensure our guests receive the perfect cup of coffee.

Why is the Barista important to us?

At Barista Coffee, we use the Italian method of brewing coffee with finest Arabica beans. When the guest places an order for a cappuccino, the Barista (or brewmaster) grinds a fresh batch of coffee, brews it manually using an Italian coffee machine and serves the espresso with steamed and frothed milk.

The process is very person dependent. A Barista can make a considerable difference to the final product. If he is not properly trained, the coffee may taste burnt or over / under brewed. On the other hand if he is passionate about the coffee he can make a huge difference by brewing the perfect cup and creating latte art (the pattern on the froth of the coffee which is done through skilful pouring of the milk).

We believe in the 'Art of Espresso'. A beautifully made cup of coffee can make all the difference.